Our volunteers are the foundation of the Operation Prom Dress Project.

Skills: All of our positions require volunteers to be friendly, approachable, and reliable/punctual and have a professional attitude. Some volunteer positions do require special skills; alterations, financial or legal advisers.
Availability / Scheduling: All volunteer need to schedule their volunteer shift with the Volunteer Coordinator. If you are unable to make your volunteer shift for any reason, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator so your shift can be filled with another volunteer.

Age: We are happy to have volunteers of any age. We ask that volunteers 12 and under volunteer with an adult.

Volunteer Position Profiles:

Dress Drives: Accept donated gowns and accessories, inspecting and sorting and tagging gowns, set up and break down of racks and displays, transport gowns after the event, take inventory of donated items.

Boutique Set Up: Receive incoming dress donations, sort, and prepare appropriate dresses to be entered into inventory. Preparation includes: hang on plastic hangars, check for stains, cleanliness, rips, etc. Steam, if necessary. Tag with size and enter into collection.

Volunteer Check in: Check in volunteers as they enter for shifts. Assign job responsibilities and give brief overview of job assignments.

Registration: Welcome students, check high school I.D.’s. Provide registration forms to girls to fill out. Introduce student to a Personal Shopper.

Personal Shoppers & Assistants: Personal Shopper: Assist girls in dress selection. Attendants: Assigned two dressing rooms. Returning unwanted gowns to the proper racks and keeping dressing rooms clutter free.

Accessories: Help to organize and run the accessories table

Phone Call Help & Drivers: To help call retail and manufacturers for gown donations, drive to drop-off locations for gown pickups. Drivers to help move gowns from storage facility to boutique location, and return after boutique days.

Dresses and accessories are collected throughout the year and made available at the annual giveaway event. Each girl is paired with a personal shopper volunteer who assists her in picking out the perfect gown.

The Operation Prom Dress Project was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to attend their high school prom regardless of their ability to pay.

The prom is significant milestone in the life of a high school student. It allows young teenagers to experience adulthood in its most romantic element. You can contribute to a memory that will last a lifetime. Help us send these girls to a dance with elegance and style!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Operation Prom Dress and how you can help us empower girls one dress at a time!

*Click here to download a volunteer application.