Prom Check List for the Perfect Prom

Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Our Blog

Make sure you use this Prom checklist to help prepare for the Perfect Prom.

6 Weeks Before Prom Checklist

___ Find your dress!

___ Plan out your hairdo. Experiment with your cut, style, and color!

4 Weeks Before Prom Checklist

___ Start planning the night with your friends. Dinner reservations run out fast at this time of the year!

___ Arrive in style and make everyone green with envy! Make sure your date has booked that ride at least four weeks in advance!

___ Make hair, nails, or makeup appointments.

___ Pick up prom dress. Go ahead and try it out! You may need to get alterations so be prepared to spend a little cash for that perfect fit!

___ Break in your prom shoes; wear them around the house if you have to!

___ Whiten your teeth with whitening strips for the perfect prom smile

2 Weeks Before Prom Checklist

___ Confirm plans with friends for before and after prom plans

___ Order boutonniere for your date

Night Before Prom checklist

___ Be prepared for anything that might come up by packing a prom emergency kit. BeingGirl suggests keeping the following stuff on hand: Tampax Compak, Always ultra thin pad and pantiliners, lip gloss, clear nail polish (to stop a run in your pantyhose), and of course, your cell phone (or quarters).

___ Get a good night’s sleep. We know prom is exciting, but you don’t want to have those puffy eyes for your big night!

Prom Day Checklist

___ Pick up your date’s boutonniere

___ Go to hair, nails, or makeup appointments. Wear a button down shirt for your hair appointment so it will be easy to take off with your special ‘do.

___ Smell good all night with the anytime, anywhere Secret Scent Expressions Body Spray.  Be sure to wear Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel to avoid having white marks ruin that perfect dress.

___ Don’t forget to bring your emergency kit, money, and your camera!

___ Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!

Source: Being Girl