How to Prep for Prom 2015: Start a Prom Scrapbook

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Our Blog, Prom planning, prom preperation

How to Prep for Prom 2015: Start a Prom Scrapbook



A scrapbook is the perfect way to get all of your inspiration in one place. So to get you in the scrapbooking mood, here are 6 steps to creating the    perfect book:

   1. Start with magazines

Grab your favorite fashion and beauty magazines and start tearing out pages that inspire you. Whether it’s red carpet pictures from your favorite    fashionistas and their beautiful gowns, or a lipstick color you can’t get enough of, rip out anything that inspires you and add it to your book.

   2.  Add pictures of you

Think about a time when you felt beautiful. Was it your Homecoming, a family wedding, or a special birthday? Add those pictures to your scrapbook      so that you remember what things you loved about your look, so you can carry those to prom as well.

 3. Hit up the mall for makeup inspiration

You know those lipstick color swatches that they have at the mall? Grab a few of your favorites to put into the beauty section of your scrapbook. You can also take some nail polish swatches so that when you go to the salon before prom, you’ll know what colors you want to stick to.

4. Shoes, shoes, shoes
Finding the perfect prom shoes might be just as hard as finding your dress, so start early and find some styles that you know you’ll love no matter what dress you pick. You can even take inspiration from the Miss America Pageant, because their shoe game is always on point!

5. Add pictures of your dress
When you’re shopping for your dress snap some pictures of your favorites to add to the scrap book. When you’ve decided on theone, add pictures of the dress, your corsage, and of course your shoes.

6. After the prom
Now that you have your scrapbook started, you can make it a keepsake by filling it with prom memories. Add your prom ticket, photos of you and your bff’s, and some of your favorite memories. It’ll be so much fun to look back a few years later and be able to go through your whole prom journey.

Peace, Love, & Happy Scrapbooking! 🙂