How to Plan for the Perfect Prom

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Our Blog

Prom is a special night. Girls love to dress up for prom and take pictures that will later be pasted to the pages of a scrapbook. There are lots of plans that go into the preparation of prom night. It’s fun and exciting, and both mothers, daughters and friends can have a hand in the process.

The first step to getting ready for the big night is by picking out a dress. There are several ways to go about this. First, looking at a magazine and picking out the style of dress that is preferred is helpful. Once the dress style is selected, searching online for the same look-alike style that someone loves is one way to view a large collection and, therefore, many choices.

Although it is largely unconventional, thrift shops actually tend to carry a selection of prom gowns. They are priced right and usually all they require is a bit of dressing up. Searching thrift around the county is one way to hunt for the ideal outfit. However, once the gown is found online, girls can either order it or go and search for it in the actual store.

It’s important to try on the gown before one actually purchases it. The fit might look great on a model in a magazine, but completely different on an actual person. It is helpful to try on several different styles of dresses in different sizes to compare the fits. It’s also important to see if the gown can be walked in easily. If someone is going to fall down in it, or if it is going to ride up, it may not be the best choice.

Accessories help finish the ideal outfit for the big affair. Simple sparkling necklaces, rings and bracelets make a bold, simple statement. Getting French manicures and undergoing a special beauty treatment the day of or day before is also a fun thing to do. Hairstyles range from braids to long, soft curls. Pinned updos, short bobs and even colored streaks all look sophisticated and stylish.

Makeup is the final preparation – besides the date, of course. Makeup should be kept natural in appearance, but applied thick enough to withstand a few hours of the party. One bold statement can make the entire palette look attractive, like ruby red lipstick or dramatic eye shadow.

After attaining the ideal outfit, makeup and hairstyle, a prom dress 2012 style is promised to look absolutely amazing. Prom is fun, and everybody can enjoy the process that leads up to the big event. It is, after all, a one-time affair.