How to Get Ready for Homecoming/Turnabout

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Our Blog

Homecoming is an amazing night that every girl should experience in their life. Getting ready can be complicated though so keep reading to find out how!

1. Find potential date options. Having a date for homecoming isn’t necessary but it can make your night even better! Around the beginning of the school year you should try to find someone you like and flirt with them! If you already have a boyfriend, great! You can skip this step.

2. If this is turnabout, you’re going to have to ask someone. Find someone you like and ask then to turnabout! Beforehand you should find out if they already have a date or a girlfriend so there is less of a chance he will say no.

3. Go shopping! Find a beautiful dress that looks great on you and you’ll be able to wear all night long. Then, find some shoes to match! If you already have a pair of shoes that will look good and are in good condition, then wear those!

4. Buy your date a boutonnière! Get one that matches your dress. The boutonnière is the little flower you pin onto your dates jacket.

5. Decide if you want to get your hair, nails, or makeup done by someone else, or if you want to do it yourself. Make sure if you are getting your hair or makeup done you know a general idea of what you want and don’t let them let you walk out not looking good. If you don’t like something, ask them to change it! You are paying for this and they should do a nice job. If you are doing it on yourself, practice beforehand so you don’t have to come up with it on the spot.

6. Either the night before or the morning of the dance, take a nice cleansing shower. Make sure you wash everything thoroughly and shave everywhere. You don’t want to smell bad or have hairy legs or something! If you’re showering the morning of, make sure to dry your hair

7. Do your hair and makeup or go to your appointments to get it done. You can do hair first or makeup first, but definitely do your nails after or give them plenty of time to dry so you don’t mess them up. Your makeup should be a bit more dramatic than you would normally do. If you aren’t good with makeup and don’t want to pay to get it done, ask one of your friends that you know for sure will make you look good to do it.

8. Put on your dress. Make sure you don’t mess up your hair makeup or nails. Don’t forget to put on your shoes.

9. Go out and have an amazing night! Take lots of pictures and dance your beautiful heart out.

Source: wikiHow