Homecoming Last Minute Dress Selection

Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Our Blog

Homecoming Last Minute Dress Selection

 Homecoming is always an exciting time of the school year for everyone from new      students to the senior class. It is a time to celebrate school spirit and enjoy the time with your friends and classmates. The homecoming dance is the culmination of a week of celebration, and is a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a night of fun and dancing. For girls, homecoming is the chance to look for and buy that perfect  dress that will make their night special.

Picking out a homecoming dress can be a fun experience and a memory that will stick with you and your friends forever. While it is always easier to plan ahead, sometimes life gets ahead of you and it is the week before homecoming and you still don’t have that perfect dress. When it comes to last minute homecoming dress selection, it can be stressful, or you can make it into a fun memory. Grab a couple of your closest friends to help you make your selection.

Turn your search for the perfect dress into a mission and take your friends along with you for the ride. Plan a day of dress shopping at your local mall, with the goal of finding each other that perfect dress. Have your friends each pick out a couple of dresses for you to try on at each shop, and you can pick out dresses for them to try on. If you are still not in love with a dress, try to make it a little more special by adding some extra accessories, or a hairstyle that adds a little something.

Remember not to stress yourself out trying to search for that one perfect dress. While the dress shopping is a fun part of the day, the most important part is spending time with your friends and making memories. Make sure you find a dress you are comfortable in and can dance the night away with, because once the night is over, you are going to remember the moments that you had with your closest friends, not what you were wearing.

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